Location & Directions

In the early years of Alongside’s ministry, we held our retreats in leased spaced near Gull Lake, Michigan. However, in 2013 we were blessed to be able to purchase our own property, and we renovated the existing facility to serve our retreat needs. Since 2013, we have constructed two 6-family housing units for our clients, and we recently completed construction on our Kid’s Barn. This new Barn houses all of our children and youth ministries, as well as our recreation space and two additional family housing units. We are located at 6701 Alongside Lane, Richland, Michigan, and you can plot a map to our location using the Google Maps link below. Also, please click here for more information about our guest housing, or click here for more information about the peaceful setting for our retreats.


Our new facility is located 8 miles from downtown Kalamazoo, and 19 miles from Battle Creek. The following sites will help you discover some of the recreational activities in the local area:
www.discoverkalamazoo.com, www.battlecreekvisitors.org.


Please use the interactive Google map below to get directions to our location. Note: while our physical address is 6701 Alongside Lane, Richland, MI, we currently do not receive mail at that address. Please send all mail to P.O. Box 587, Richland, MI 49083.