Our primary ministry to pastors and missionaries features a specialized retreat called our Renewal and Growth Retreat. Developed by our team of professional counselors, these retreats are generally 3 weeks in length, and we hold these retreats throughout all 12 months of the calendar year at our retreat center. A typical day in the life of one of our retreats involves all of the following:

First, we begin each day with several psychoeducational seminars intended to help our clients develop better life and ministry skills. Our seminars include topics such as burnout, managing conflict, forgiveness, and loss & grief. To help our clients realize the greatest benefit from their time with us, we tailor the roster of each retreat’s seminars to meet the needs of those clients. During a standard 3-week retreat, our clients can expect to learn from nearly 2 dozen of these seminars, all of which are taught by our staff of professional counselors.

Second, each day will also include a group processing session which is facilitated by one of our counselors. These sessions are intended to give our clients the opportunity to process the seminars and anything else they’ve learned at ALONGSIDE with other retreat participants. We have found that these group sessions are wonderful opportunities for our clients to learn from other pastors and missionaries as well as experience the grace and truth that’s found in genuine Christian community.

Finally, each of our clients meets daily in a private session with one of our counselors. These sessions give our clients the opportunity to work through their own personal concerns with a licensed professional in a confidential setting. During a 3-week retreat, each client will meet with their counselor 13 times, giving them ample opportunity to work through their burdens and establish new patterns for life and ministry.

For those clients who are unable to attend a three week program, we also offer a two week retreat several times per year. While participants typically double their progress in the third week of a retreat, for some clients the third week simply isn’t an option. Our two week program contains many of the seminars from the three week program along with daily private counseling sessions and group time, and is a great start toward personal wholeness.

We also offer 2-week programs overseas from time to time. Additionally, we hold a 9-day cross-cultural healthcare professionals retreat (dubbed MedRetreat) at the beginning of June, as well as a special retreat later in the year for married couples called “Marriage Rekindled”. For more information about either of these retreats, please click on one of the links below.

All of our retreats address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our guests, helping them to gain greater insights, more effective coping skills, and new tools for greater ministry effectiveness.

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